Building infrastructure for the new decentralized world

Our contribution to help humanity get to the future faster

We like building, especially sans the pressure of business viability.

Currently Contributing to:

Products for the decentralized space:

Cryptoverse Wars
Interactive Code School for onboarding newcomers to the Tezos ecosystem.
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Scanning yield on nominated proof-of-stake networks. Starting with Polkadot ecosystem.
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Open Source Projects:

Zcash SSD
A healthcheck + monitoring dashboard for the Zcash community.
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Livepeer Pricing Tool
A tool for enhancing the price visibility in Livepeer ecosystem.
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Visualization efforts over FOAM's token curated registry's data.
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Polkadot Parachains Indexer
Data indexer and API for parachains inside Polkadot ecosystem.
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Teams we come from:

We are different

We are built on a foundation of betting on people, playing for integrity and existing in a state of service.

We take significant effort into scouting, recruiting and nurturing exceptional talent within the team and in return we get access to the most kickass problem solvers available. Each member is afforded a space for growth and momentum in an environment that is geared towards problem solving; including but not limited to their skill sets. This way each project receives that exceptionally aligned and dependable backbone that it deserves.

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