Who are we

We serve the protocols of tomorrow that we believe in, by solving key problems that limit adoption.

Engineering throughput

We contribute code to Open source projects of other web 3.0 communities to help build the foundations of a decentralized future. Helps us understand the protocol and community in depth. Funded by grants.View projects on Github

Ecosystem acceleration soon

We champion, advocate and evangelise to drive adoption for projects we believe in.

Web 3.0 Products

Our venture studio hunts and executes multiple 0 to 1 experiments. Ones that succeed, are incubated as seperate businesses and scaled from 1 to 100 under TVP.

This is the path for the entrepreneurial spirit within. View our experiments

We are a portfolio company of The Vantage Project

Why should you join BUIDL

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together"

We see the value of playing long term games with long term people and hence, optimize for:

  • Playing long term games
  • Building long term players
1. Create wealth for yourself via stock options

Wealth = freedom

We afford space for the spirit of enterprise within each one of us, without the delusional heroism of taking disproportionate risks of the venture capital/startup path. We do so through Operator equity. Learn how

2. Set your career path to where the future lies.

Blockchain today is like the internet was in the 90s; Unreal, broken and restricted to nerds. Yet, it has created horizontal disruption on a global scale, impacting each and every industry with it. Imagine getting in on the action at day 1.

3. Work with inspired and happy doers

We work super hard to mantain a culture of:

  • Trust
  • Self-growth
  • Fulfillment

Think of us like the additional sail in the wind that supercharges every individual's growth. Sailing alone would be like using a paddle, when everyone else here would also have the wind in their sails.

Read more: Why am I here | Employee stories.

The benefit of a high-performance culture is that you experience the exhilaration of being your greatest version. And so do we. Being around other high performers is an unbeatable advantage.

A great workplace is not how many perks are offered;
It is how stunning the colleagues are.