We are a distributed team of 10 (+counting) individuals, growing 2x every quarter. And are working to create the workplace, technologies and operating principles of tomorrow.

If we are not living in, inspired by and building for the future; that's an incredibly boring way to go through life.

Our world view

We believe in a future that is:

  1. Permissionless

    Freedom for the individual from existing at the mercy of the collective. In service of the larger good. For only free men can create. Only when you can create, can you serve.

  2. Trustless

    All human progress occurs from individuals cooperating with each other. Being able to trust each other forms the basis of any cooperation. The lower its need, the more effecient the cooperation.

  3. Decentralized

    Degree of centralized decision making a network needs to succeed, is inversely proportional the meritocracy it is able to promote within. It is the duty of the network to promote the good actor within each participant, while disincentivizing the bad actor that is within all of us.

We are here, building it.

I could either watch it happen or be a part of it. -Said someone famous

We optimise for happiness.

Not pleasure; happiness.

It is impossible for unhappy people to do any meaningful work.

We are built on a foundation of betting on people, playing for integrity and existing in a state of service.

We place disproportionate value on state of mind and look for individuals who are aligned with our worldview. It is this alignment that affords the existence of exponential growth curve that we seek to deliver for all individuals.

Culture — which we understand to mean the systems that dictate how individuals relate to one another, the work to be done, and the customers — often forms without much oversight. Like any random experiment, the results of letting culture form unchecked can vary between average to disastrous.

Paraphrased from Slack | Building the workplace we want

When unchecked, humans in groups tend to fall back to baser states.

  • Superstitions and biases color important decisions, and often subtly so.
  • Power concentrates to the loudest and most confident people. Groupthink is encouraged.
  • The first step in creating a positive place where good people can do great work is to recognize these faults and make explicit decisions to address them.

Put another way, culture is the manifestation of what the team values. What we reward, who we hire, how work is done, how decisions are made — all of these things are representations the culture we’ve wittingly or unwittingly created.

Our work here is to deliberately try to move things from unconscious to conscious.

Operating Environment


Remote-first. We cherish flow states.

Trust is the default environment. Trust by nature is binary.

Offices are for chatter. Not peak productivity.


It is stupid to hire smart people and tell them what to do. We learn from evolution.

We use affordance (and incentive) design to inspire, not manage. Only (inspired) individuals create. The rest co-opt.

We detest micro-management and dictation. Expect to be self-responsible when you are here.


This comes from us batting for the Individual and playing for Integrity.

An oppurtunity for a high growth ascend path that at its highest rate can 4x your current earnings (and 10x the networth) in 18 months.

Do not expect assured appraisals and inflation-level increments.

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